The Most Shocking Stories of 2015


In traditional news stories, the bad news is highlighted for the same reason people stop to stare at a car wreck. Scary stories and bad news elevates our nervous system and stimulates our senses. For this reason, on local news channels you still see lead off stories of fires, shootings, and murders. Some have suggested that while CNN and other news outlets continue to play the negative side of news, the internet could be a location for more positively spun stories. Sites like Huffington Post could be cornering the market on more positive stories. However, when it’s all said and done, the negative, shocking stories still rise to the top of our memories. Here are the top 9 for 2015.

9. Charlie Sheen and HIV


8. Rachel Dolezal is white

rachel both

7. Jared Fogel is a child molester

Jared final-1

6. Police shooting of Walter Scott

Charelston shooting

5. Caitlyn Jenner


4. Charleston church shooting

church pic

3. Paris attacks

Paris final

2. Bill Cosby the rapist

Cosby pic

1. Trump is a nightmare

Trump megyn

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