The Psychology of Keanu Reeves

"Keanu Reeves proves that it really isn't that challenging to be a decent person."


Keanu Reeves is a household name in Hollywood, but not for the typical reasons of the famous lifestyle. Ahead of the release of John Wick 3, our panel of Shrinks are discussing the psychology of the actor, his career, past trauma, resilience, and post-traumatic growth.

Our panel of Shrinks is analyzing the psychological makeup of Keanu Reeves. Listen in below or anywhere you find podcasts.

grief and loss and trauma hit him in every conceivable way at such a young age.

–  jonathan hetterly, lpc

Being Human

Every week our panel of Shrinks breaks down trending topics of psychology in the news that we call Being Human.

At what age is our sense of optimism at it’s highest? New research showcases the lowest amounts being prevalent in people’s twenties, peaking at around age 50, and gradually declining after that. Our panel of Shrinks is discussing what these findings say about human behavior and psychology.

Read the study that inspired our discussion here.

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