Update: Reid Ewing was awarded the 2015 Champion of Mental Health! Check out an interview with him here.

Beginning this year, Shrink Tank is proud to give an annual award to one celebrity who has made a difference in the field of mental health. Some celebrities have done a lot of good by talking about their own personal struggles. For example, Demi Lovato has been remarkable for her openness about her depression and Colton Haynes, the Teen Wolf and Arrow star, has talked about his battle with anxiety. Other celebrities have used their platform for better mental health treatment or to help end stigma. Glenn Close is a great example of that with her Change 2 Mind, a national anti-stigma campaign, that she started because of the struggles of her own sister and nephew.

This year, we began with eight nominations and we narrowed it down to the top three who have made a difference by sharing their stories or advocating for change and acceptance. Each of these three is worthy of recognition, but now we leave it to you to vote for who is the Champion of Mental Health for 2015. Please read about them, watch their videos, and then vote for the one you believe made the biggest impact this year:

Reid Ewing

When the 27-year-old actor, a favorite on Modern Family, wrote a deeply personal and revealing article for the Huffington Post describing his struggle with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, he opened up a national conversation about a little-discussed condition that affects upwards of 6 million Americans. His honesty has already made a difference.

Jack Harries

With over 4 million subscribers, the 22-year-old twin looked straight into the camera and began a dialogue this year with his viewers about mental health. In the video, he shared his own struggles with depression and talked about the need to get rid of the stigma surrounding mental health issues. His ability to talk in a matter-of-fact, direct way to his audience has gone a long way to reduce stigma and encourage others to seek help when they need it.

John Oliver

The razor-witted talk show host has no problem taking on hypocrisy and stupidity in any form, often in hilarious ways. But when he tackled our country’s view of mental illness and the difficulty so many people have in getting good treatment, he wasn’t just going for laughs, he was pushing for change. He’s using his bully pulpit to make a difference. We’ve seen his impact already and we are grateful he is one of our country’s biggest advocates for mental health reform.

Vote now! You have until Dec. 28th to cast your vote for Reid Ewing, Jack Harries, or John Oliver below. If this is an issue you care about as much as we do, share this link with your friends and colleagues and ask them to vote, too. The more of a platform we can give these guys to help others dealing with mental health issues, the better it will be for us all.


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