Why Airbnb Open Homes Gives Me Faith in Humanity

The vacation rental gamut is flipping the script on how to give back to victims of Hurricane Dorian.

With the unpredictability of Hurricane Dorian, Airbnb has launched a new initiative that aims to offer free housing to victims.

As most of us know, Hurricane Dorian has been moving its way, at a glacial speed, throughout the Bahamas and is now making its way towards the United States. It’s hard to plan for a potential hurricane threat since hurricanes tend to have a mind of their own.

What was once predicted to hit Puerto Rico has now obliterated the Bahamas and is no longer expected to impact the majority of Florida.

With the unpredictability of the hurricane, Airbnb has launched a new initiative that aims to offer free housing to victims of the hurricane and hurricane relief workers.


Photo by Ramon Espinosa/AP/Shutterstock


Airbnb hosts are expected to establish relationships with guests and set expectations for each guests’ stay.

These Airbnb hosts are going beyond just giving money to disaster relief funds. Hosts initially asked Airbnb to create the Open Home initiative as a way for homeowners to give back directly to disaster victims.

Not only is Airbnb Open Home providing relief by having hosts offer shelter at their homes for no cost, but the program emphasizes the need to continue genuine human connection and empathy for other humans experiencing hardships and loss.



In a time where people lose their homes and the future is uncertain, relying on one another as a support system is one of the best ways a person can help the overall well-being of a disaster victim.

After all, a social connection has the ability to improve a persons’ physical, mental, and emotional health.

Although donating to disaster relief funds specifically for Hurricane Dorian will help on a global scale, the Airbnb Open Homes initiative offers something that money cannot buy—human connection and empathy.


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