Wonder Woman Delivers!

Short Spoiler Free Review of Wonder Woman

Earlier this week I wrote about my concerns for Wonder Woman. Tonight, heart in my throat, I went to go see this film that I had so much hope for.  My hope is alive and well; Wonder Woman delivers!

The film struck the right balance of backstory, character development, and action to keep me entertained and enthralled for the whole two and a half hours.  It struck a great balance of humor, action and story telling culminating in an epic fight between Diana and Aries.

My favorite moment in the film was when Diana walked across no man’s land (not a spoiler this was shown in the trailers!).  A superhero should be inspiring, be a natural leader that not only demonstrates courage in themselves but has the ability to empower others.  Diana had this ability in spades.  When she acted heroic, faced fear and made the hard choices she inspired others to follow in her footsteps.  Her slow walk toward the trenches captures this form of heroism better than any other superhero film I have seen.

If you love superhero films you will love this film.  Go and see it this weekend, take your daughters.  They now have a wonderful role model to look up to and cheer for.

Wonder Woman opens nationwide today.



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